The Apostolic Mantle

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Learn to relate and receive from five-fold ministers:

The Apostle lives with leaders; The Prophet lives with God; The Evangelist lives with the lost; The Pastor lives with the people; The Teacher lives with the Word.

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    My heart is to supernaturally equip and activate you until the supernatural is supernormal in your life.

    Mike Brewer

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    Table of Contents

    About Mike & Andrea Brewer 4

    Testimony / Raising The Dead 5

    Introduction To The Apostolic Mantle 14

    What is an Apostle 17

    Six Keys To A Transitional Shift 21

    Defining Terms in an Apostolic Company 27

    Apostolic Expressions 43

    Closing Thoughts 55

    End Notes 56​

    What is it all about?

    Activate your faith in the supernatural! Host Mike shares stories from confronting voodoo priests to raising the dead in his new show, Apostolic Perspectives. Mike is called as an apostle and serves as a church planter, network leader, missionary, and author of Pioneering Faith and The Apostolic Mantle. Tune in each week for radical spiritual engagement!